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WAFER LINE for 4 to 8-inch wafers
(using wafer cassette)

WAFER LINE is exclusively used for the inspection of wafers, such as SOI and laminated wafers. Full automation by using robots for conveyance, measurement and judgment is available on request. WAFER LINE has already built up actual results of continuous operations on several customers' mass-production lines, and is highly evaluated by customers.

Features and Specifications

We produce equipment with the following specifications if requested:

For installing the production line for pre-process of semiconductor manufacturing:
The cleanliness level of the processing compartment in equipment is class 3 (ISO) or higher (equipment is assembled in the clean room).
Corresponding to SUS chassis and FOUP
High-speed inspection
Specifications of the electronic scanning array probe contribute to a higher speed display when compared to the single probe specifications with the same resolution.
(The decreased movement in the mechanical part also contributes to the maintenance of the clean level.)
Corresponding wafers 4 to 12-inch wafers