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This hybrid-type equipment has an additional high-speed inspection function by mounting an electronic scanning system, which is highly regarded in the ES5100 series, onto FineSAT which is well-received for its high resolution and operability.

Conventionally, a device-under-test was moved to another equipment for remeasurement to survey the details of abnormality detected by high-speed inspection; however, in FineSAT Hybrid, the analysis of abnormality can be implemented by the same equipment without transferring the device-under-test.
FineSAT Hybrid thus strongly supports the improvement of yield ratio in a short period.


Example in which a single probe is attached to the left and an array probe to the right.
Example in which a single probe is attached
to the left and an array probe to the right.

Twin Head Probe

Because a single probe and array probe can be attached at the same time, both the high-definition measurement with a FineSAT single probe and high-speed measurement by using the electronic scanning system can be achieved in one unit.
The probe selection on the GUI screen enables automatic scan-mode switching.

High Speed

Electronic scanning enables a real-time B-scope (sectional) display at a measurement speed of approx. 5-10 times* the speed of a single probe.

depending on the measurement condition.


A single probe with a scanning frequency of 5–300 MHz and an array probe with a frequency selected from 25, 50 and 75 MHz can be combined and attached.

Specifications of FineSAT Hybrid (related to electronic scanning)

  FS100ⅢHy FS200ⅢHy FS300ⅢHy
Probe frequency (MHz): Single 5–75 5–140 5–300
Array probe frequency (MHz) 25, 50, 75
Number of simultaneous driving devices (ch) 16
Multiple gates of electronic scanning 2
Probe attachment Single probe only, array probe only, and single + array probe simultaneous attachable
Miscellaneous Single scanning measurement / electronic scanning measurement switching type
(simultaneous measurement is not possible)