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By using a large scanner and a large water tank, FS LINE can inspect large objects, which FineSAT series models cannot handle, including materials and components that increase in size, such as sputtering targets for FPDs and photovoltaic cells and ceramic components.
In addition to FS LINE for single probe, we also provide FS LINE Hybrid that enables shorter inspection time of large products by using the single probe and array probe at the same time.
As an option, the rotating platform used for inspecting tubular and cylindrical objects is available. Please feel free to make inquiries on the sizes of water tank and scanner.

Probe system Mechanical scan system using single probe Corresponds to two systems of mechanical scan and electronic scan by using phased array probe

Features and Specifications

FS LINE delivers both high-precision measurement and usability based on FineSAT, and is also focused on safety.

FS LINE Hybrid is aimed at high damping with the array probe for low-frequency range. This allows users to simultaneously conduct the coupling inspection of target material and backing plate, and the void inspection inside the target material.

Number of simultaneously transmitted and received devices 16 devices maximum
Number of handled devices 192 devices maximum
Electronic focus in the array direction Programmable
Received bandwidth 10-50 MHz

Specifications of FS LINE Hybrid (related to array)

Repertoire of effective scanning range of scanner part (Standard specifications)

(Unit: mm)
Effective scanning range
800 × 800
2,000 × 1,500

Please ask us about other scanning ranges.