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Hitachi Power Solutions Co.,Ltd.

Delivering solutions for the future, through the creation of new value Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd. offers valuable solutions and diverse services to customers, through the fusion of various technologies.

Scanning Acoustic Tomograph/Inspection Equipment The &quo;FineSAT series&quo; is offered as non-destructive equipment for detecting and imaging microscopic structures or defects inside semiconductors and electronic components by use of the reflection and transmission properties of ultrasonic waves. Learn More
Roll Press Equipment Our  roll presses are capable of uniform roll-to-roll pressing and processing of advanced functional materials, including electrode materials for lithium ion batteries used in cars. Learn More
Predictive Diagnostics Solution Supporting the improvement of production efficiency by maintenance management and the stable operation of equipment. Learn More
Hitachi Magnetron for Industry We contribute to various advanced fields such as electronic device manufacturing, microwave light emission, dry processing, etc. Learn More
Securing and safety with industrial X-Ray inspection technology. Learn More

Notices from Hitachi Power Solutions

1 April, 2020
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1 April, 2019
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15 May, 2013
4 Feb, 2013
1 Jul, 2012
  • New Products for DioVISTA/FloodSimulator