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Hitachi Power Solutions Co.,Ltd.

Our many product technologies that embody our leading-edge expertise are in use at manufacturing facilities for a diverse range of goods. We supply solutions that are tailored to customer requirements by combining the product technologies and know-how essential for manufacturing, including products that form part of other products, equipment for inspecting internal parts, and parts necessary for the machinery used in materials manufacturing. We deliver new forms of value in a world where use of the IoT is becoming more widespread.

Helping Make the World a Better Place to Live through the Supply of Production Equipment

We have experience of building production lines in a wide range of industries. For the production of secondary batteries, for example, we supply equipment for the assembly of automotive batteries for EVs and HVs as well as the small consumer-product batteries used in smartphones. For the automotive industry, we supply equipment that is used in the production of lightweight bodies in response to demand for better vehicle fuel economy. Along with the equipment itself, we also help overcome problems and improve productivity by offering full assembly lines designed to match factory layouts.

  • EV: Electric Vehicle
  • HV: Hybrid Vehicle

Use of Ultrasound and X-rays to Help Ensure Product Reliability

We draw on skills built up over many years to work on technology development, manufacturing, and maintenance services, not only for production lines, but also for the measurement and diagnostic market associated with public safety and security. These include scanning acoustic tomograph for electronic components and X-ray inspection equipment for security at airports and ports, etc. We also supply products that incorporate superior technology in the form of ceramic heat sinks with excellent thermal dissipation characteristics that provide highly reliable mounts for optoelectronic semiconductors.

Supporting High-quality Manufacturing by Building Strategic Production Lines

Now more than ever, the manufacturing industry recognizes the importance of supplying the market with products of excellent quality, at low cost, and with short lead times. Achieving this requires both advanced PLM for managing all of the processes from planning and development through to design, manufacturing, and maintenance support, and advanced BOM practices for managing parts and quantities at all steps in the manufacturing process. With our own in-house design, manufacturing, and maintenance functions, we support customers' increasingly diverse manufacturing requirements and cycles by supplying sophisticated PLM and BOM solutions that are based on our own experience.

  • PLM: Product Life-cycle Management
  • BOM: Bills of Materials