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Hitachi Power Solutions Co.,Ltd.

In manufacturing sites where digitalization and electrification are advancing, our industry solutions that embody our leading-edge technology are implemented. We provide solutions tailored for needs such as quality improvement and efficiency optimization, which are indispensable for manufacturing in areas such as equipment for assembling secondary batteries, inspection equipment for semiconductors and electronic components, and other manufacturing-related systems. We deliver new value to society through contributing to customer businesses.

Supporting the Optimization of Energy and Equipment Operation, from “Owning” to “Using” Equipment

The replacement of aging social infrastructure and industrial equipment is an important task for the attainment of a decarbonized society. We provide equipment and its related work (operation and maintenance management, replacement planning, budget management, etc.) as a service. This approach eliminates the need for initial investment, and levels out equipment maintenance costs for periodic inspections and replacement of parts. Our service platform, which enables batched energy operation and facility management, ensures the stable operation of equipment, as well as supports the development of an environment that optimizes limited resources (people, goods and money).

Contributing to Realize a Safe and Secure Society by Providing Production Facilities and Inspection Equipment that Support the Reliability of Products

There is rising demand for electric vehicles and semiconductors with lower emissions of CO2. We provide equipment for the assembly of secondary batteries, ranging from the small consumer market batteries used in smartphones up the automotive secondary batteries used in electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid vehicles (HV). We are also proactively engaged in assisting diverse manufacturing, by developing the product technologies that support safety and security in society, such as scanning acoustic tomograph equipment for inspecting products such as semiconductors, and ceramics for electronic components.

Contributing to Stable Supplies and High-quality Manufacturing with DX Support

In manufacturing, shipping high-quality goods to market at low cost in short delivery times is more in demand now than ever. We enhance the stable supply and quality of products by building systems for the unified management of all processes, through design, manufacturing, and maintenance support, from the planning and development stages and services with full use of digital technologies, such as analytical simulations.