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Hitachi Power Solutions Co.,Ltd.

Together with the next generation of 5G telecommunication systems, advances in use of the IoT to connect people and devices and AI based on deep learning are bringing even more change to how we live and do business. Having been involved in everything from manufacturing planning to maintenance since we were established. We have trialed and implemented ways of converting things like equipment operating and maintenance conditions into data and putting this to use in its own operations. We have also incorporated the associated know-how, expertise, and techniques into solutions that can adapt flexibly to business in the IoT era and beyond, supplying these to numerous customers.

  • 5G: 5th Generation
  • IoT: Internet of Things
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence

Transforming the Site

We supply systems and services that visualize various information necessary for maintenance and help make inspection work more efficient. This includes use of sensors and the IoT for networking the equipment to be maintained. We also improve the efficiency of equipment operation, inspection, and maintenance and reduce staff workloads by utilizing tablet computer systems that enable the real time sharing of inspection check lists, records, video, and other data in digital format to share the detailed information needed together with precise instructions.

Helping to Operate Equipment Efficiently by Linking Devices, Systems, and People

Maintenance Support Solution “SiteRemix” improves efficiency and enhances maintenance work. In this way, it optimizes the operational status, maintenance information, etc. of equipment and systems by bringing together the technology, information, and human know-how of a site. We use this solution as a basis for overcoming the challenges faced by customers and for supporting the efficient and reliable operation of equipment.

Providing Timely Maintenance to Support Reliable Equipment Operation

We supply O&M solutions for infrastructure that extend all the way from operational management to maintenance and inspection. That is because the infrastructures of society, such as energy, transportation, water and sewage, and other industries demand high levels of reliability. While we do everything we can to keep equipment working 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, our remote monitoring and support center and our nationwide network of services centers are ready to mount a coordinated response when a problem does occur in a customer system. Whether by dispatching service personnel or by some other means, this helps get the system back up and running quickly.

O&M: Operation & Maintenance