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Hitachi Power Solutions Co.,Ltd.

The evolution of AI and other digital technologies in recent years has strongly promoted the anchoring of digital transformation (DX) and a new normal, bringing major changes to our ways of life and businesses. Since our foundation, we have always been involved in the series of tasks from manufacturing planning to maintenance. We have prototyped and established methods on our own sites for databasing and using information on the operation status, maintenance status, and other aspects of equipment. We use this expertise, technology, methods, etc. to raise the levels of our services, providing them to many customers as solutions that contribute to greater safety and stable operation of equipment.

  • AI: Artificial Intelligence

Transforming Sites

We provide systems and services which visualize the diverse information required for equipment maintenance, and support more efficient inspection work. We use sensors to network and digitalize maintenance sites. We also use inspection systems which make full use of drones, AI, and other digital technologies, allowing the real-time sharing of inspection lists, past records and videos, and other resources. These systems improve efficiency in operation, inspection, and maintenance work and bring maintenance to a higher level, helping to raise the safety and operating stability of equipment.

Helping to Operate Equipment Efficiently by Linking Devices, Systems, and People

Equipment which has a major impact on social infrastructure and industry, such as power stations, water mains and sewers, and factories, need countermeasures to avoid unplanned stoppages and adapt to the shortage of maintenance engineers. To meet such needs, we have developed a digital maintenance platform which can provide early detection of equipment status, including deterioration and damage, and maintain and improve precision in analysis to match changes. It connects management with the sites through using data analysis by machine learning technology, and the digitalization of knowledge, and supports the optimization of equipment operation, maintenance and the inheritance of expertise.

Providing Timely Maintenance to Support Reliable Equipment Operation

We supply services for infrastructure that extend all the way from operational management to maintenance and inspection. That is because the infrastructures of society, such as energy, transportation, water and sewage, and other industries, demand high levels of reliability. In the event of problems in customer systems, our remote monitoring and support center, which operates on a 24/365 basis, and our service centers all over the Japan, link together to assist early restoration with actions such as the rapid dispatch of service engineers.