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As recognized in the SDGs adopted at a United Nations Sustainable Development Summit and in “The Long-term Strategy under the Paris Agreement” approved by the Japanese cabinet, the achievement of a low-carbon society is a matter of urgency. Use of renewable energy is one way to help achieve this. Based on skills and expertise acquired through the installation and support of wind and photovoltaic power generation and battery systems, we are addressing both global and local issues, the latter including security of energy supply and the loss of population and industry from the regions. Through the installation of power generation systems that suit the communities and the facilitating the local production for local consumption of energy, we are supporting regional revitalization and also helping to ensure that these communities remain good places to live.

SDGs:Sustainable Development Goals

Kazenomatsubara Wind Power Station (Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture)

Wind Energy

Important factors to consider when seeking to transform nature's bounty of wind into useful electrical energy include the wind strength and direction at potential sites and the size of the energy user base. Along with the system construction for the efficient conversion of wind energy into electric power. We operate as a one-stop source of solutions that support everything from the pre-installation stages of economic feasibility studies and project planning through to operation and maintenance.

Local Production for Local Consumption of Renewable Energy

Microgrids are the key to local production for local consumption of energy supply systems that generate energy within the communities they supply, effectively synchronizing and controlling consumer demand and supply from multiple generation sources. We offer microgrids that are tailored to local requirements, utilizing new techniques for the use of renewable energy that we have built up through our many years of experience installing systems such as those for photovoltaic power generation and gas co-generation. We support our customers from business planning and subsidy application procedures through to equipment installation and maintenance.

Microgrid: An autonomous energy supply network with its own distribution infrastructure and generation that supplies the various consumers within a particular area.

Large-scale hybrid battery system (Lower Saxony, Federal Republic of Germany)
Source: EWE AG, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

Achievement of a Low-carbon Society through Installation of Hybrid Battery Systems

Use of storage batteries is essential to obtaining a reliable supply of power from renewable energy. Having been among the first to start development of hybrid systems that incorporate batteries, we are working on turning renewable energy into a viable source of power, engaging in a wide range of activities aimed at creating a low-carbon society. In Japan, this includes use of these systems to maintain essential services and support BCPs by supplying power to companies and communities. Overseas, activities include helping to maintain grid stability by installing large-scale hybrid battery systems that adjust the charging and the discharging of batteries to balance the supply and demand for electric power.

BCP: Business Continuity Plan