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Hitachi Power Solutions Co.,Ltd.

In recent years, the attainment of carbon neutrality has been an urgent task on a global scale, requiring companies to step up their actions to new levels. The use of renewable energy is the key to solving this challenge. We combine the technologies and expertise we built up in supporting the installation of wind and solar power generation and storage battery systems with digital technologies, to provide high added value services. We provide one-stop support service from consultancy to deployment for renewable energy installations, optimization of energy supply and demand, and the promotion of local production and consumption. Our work contributes to stimulus for communities and the attainment of carbon neutrality.

Kazenomatsubara Wind Power Station (Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture)

Effective Use of Renewable Energy

To use wind and sunlight, the blessings of nature, as electrical energy, it is important to start by checking the wind amount and direction and the amount of sunshine at the site, and the scale of the region that will use the energy. As well as building systems which use renewable energy to efficiently generate electricity, we provide one-stop support service from installation support, with business feasibility studies and business planning, through to operation and maintenance. Our backup systems, which provide engineers on site, parts warehousing, and more, support equipment safety and stable operation.

Attaining Local Production and Consumption of Renewable Energy

Microgrids are the key to local production and consumption of energy supply systems that generate energy within the communities they supply, effectively synchronizing and controlling consumer demand and supply from multiple generation sources. We provide energy management services with the technologies and expertise we have built up while installing solar power generation systems, gas cogeneration systems, etc., and support power purchasing agreements (PPA) to link power generation operators with users. These operations stimulate customer businesses and communities.

Large-scale hybrid battery system (Lower Saxony, Federal Republic of Germany)
Source: EWE AG, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

Achievement of a Zero-carbon Society by Installation of Hybrid Battery Systems

Use of storage batteries is essential to obtaining a reliable supply of power from renewable energy. Having been among the first to start development of hybrid systems that incorporate batteries, we are working on turning renewable energy into a viable source of power, engaging in a wide range of activities aimed at creating a zero-carbon society. In Japan, this includes use of these systems to maintain essential services and support BCPs by supplying power to companies and communities. Overseas, activities include helping to maintain grid stability by installing large-scale hybrid battery systems that adjust the charging and the discharging of batteries to balance the supply and demand for electric power.

BCP: Business Continuity Plan