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Hitachi Power Solutions Co.,Ltd.

Asset Performance Management

Supporting the Improved Running Efficiency of Equipment and Stable Operation with Extensive Experience and Digital Technologies

Ascertaining the right capital investment, improving the running efficiency of equipment and the loss of equipment operating expertise due to the decline in skilled engineers are all major challenges faced by business operators dealing with social infrastructure facilities and production equipment across various industries. Our “Asset Performance Management” helps solve these issues. At Hitachi Power Solutions, we employ an extensive array of maintenance expertise and digital technologies as part of the control and operational technology we have cultivated to date to provide total support for the management and operation of equipment assets. Through the stable operation and improved running efficiency of customer equipment, we help boost customer profits and enhance quality.

Asset Performance Management Provided by Hitachi Power Solutions

Maximizing Equipment Performance by Optimizing Operation

Customer Issues

  • Interested in introducing digital technologies
  • Want to better optimize equipment operation
  • Want to shorten equipment downtime by as much as possible

Offered Value and Effects of Introduction

Helping to boost the performance of equipment with digital technologies and our accumulated know-how

Hitachi Power Solutions has developed numerous digital technologies based on the maintenance and operational expertise it has cultivated over many years. We leverage these technologies to propose maintenance plans optimized to the maintenance timing and volume required by each customer. By optimizing maintenance parts procurement along with the timing and length of equipment maintenance work, we also help customers optimize maintenance personnel and maintenance parts inventory while shortening equipment downtime. By allowing customers to get the most out of their equipment, we help them increase production volume and offer higher quality.

Minimizing Maintenance Costs through Bulk Consolidation

Customer Issues

  • Lack of expertise in maintenance work
  • Want to minimize costs as much as possible
  • Placing orders and making arrangements with multiple contractors are complicated

Offered Value and Effects of Introduction

Leveraging our expertise and digital technologies to help reduce maintenance risks and minimize costs

Over the years, Hitachi Power Solutions has offer support across a wide range of industries from the development of equipment maintenance plans to performing maintenance and inspections. We leverage the maintenance technologies and know-how in equipment operation developed through these services to perform maintenance tasks on behalf of customers in a single package. As well as consolidating the work of coordinating multiple contractors and mitigating the risks involved, we also leverage our strengths in digital technologies including the sharing of equipment maintenance records, predictive diagnostics, remaining life diagnosis and remote task support to help bring down overall maintenance costs.

Minimizing Operating Risks through Sub-contracting

Customer Issues

  • Decline in skilled engineers
  • Want to minimize equipment operating risks

Offered Value and Effects of Introduction

Optimizing operating rates and helping to solve staffing issues by utilizing IoT to detect signs of equipment failure and monitor equipment

When customers entrust equipment operation to us on a consolidated basis, we help minimize equipment operating risks. For example, we introduce digital technologies to detect the signs of equipment failure that until now have relied on the experience of skilled engineers to reduce the risks of equipment downtime, and by assigning skilled engineers to our remote monitoring and support center to take over equipment monitoring duties, we optimize equipment operating rates and allow customers to avoid over-extending resources such as their own maintenance engineers.