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Improving quality inspection accuracy through higher image quality of defect detection and one-time inspection for large wafers​

FineSAT 7 image

"FineSAT7" is the latest model with enhanced functions of the conventional "FineSAT Ⅲ" in order to meet the needs of recent years for higher quality and higher precision images for detecting defects / improved efficiency and productivity. The equipment adopts a newly developed in-house A/D conversion board*1 with a bult-in FPGA to improve the image quality of the internal structure and defects*2 of semiconductor devices and electronic components which are miniaturized and multilayered. In addition, the water tank is made larger, enabling the one-time inspection of 300mm (12-inch) wafers using a through transmission method used for inspection of complex shapes such as multilayer devices, contributing to improved efficiency.

A/D conversion board: a board with a function to convert analog signals to digital signals
Delamination, voids (bubble-like defects such as air in inside of body) and cracks in the material at joints

Scanning Acoustic Tomograph "FineSAT7" contributing to higher image quality of defect detection


Higher-quality defect-detection images using an in-house developed A/D conversion board

With the self-developed A/D conversion board with a bult-in FPGA, improving the sampling resolution by 16 times and the measurement period by twice than the conventional machine, it is easier to observe high-frequency signals. Also, using a technique* that adds and averages ultrasonic waveforms from eight locations around a pixel's brightness, we can reduce random noise caused by thermal noise in electronic circuits and other factors, thereby improving the quality of defect-detected images.

Larger water tank realizes one-time inspection of 300mm (12-inch) wafers using the through transmission method​


Conventionally, inspection of 300mm wafers using the through transmission method had to be performed half-side by side while moving the inspection object. The water tank that measures the object is made larger by reviewing the equipment layout in SAT7, and expanded the motion range of the measurement equipment including the probe that transmits and receives ultrasonic waves. As a result, it is possible to inspect the entire 300mm wafer at once. Larger water tank also improves workability, such as moving objects to be inspected in a water tank and removing bubbles that cause reflection of ultrasonic waves.

Standardized adherence to the safety standards of SEMI

FineSAT7 complies with standards for the safety of semiconductor-manufacturing equipment set out by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI).

Patent pending in Japan


High performance A/D conversion board

A maximum of 8Gsps A/D conversion board that supports 400MHz probes is adopted, enabling constant waveform recording. In addition, we have advanced the measurement display function by incorporating a unique logic circuit.

Advanced FineSAT7 analysis software


The equipment adopts a new A/D conversion board to enable constant waveform recording, and 14-bit processing enhances the analysis function. *1

  • Real-time B scope drawing
  • Speeding up the echo phase evaluation function​
  • Noise reduction by filtering and visualization by characteristic frequency
  • Noise reduction and improvement of image quality by omnidirectional waveform averaging​
  • The lens echo reduction of the probe with a lens by the lens echo cancellation function​
  • Gain adjustment, brightness adjustment, for each multi-gate​
  • Advanced analysis of sample internal structure by waveform matching processing

The Scanner with maximum speed of 1,200 mm/s*2 and high-speed processing PC

FineSAT7 equips the scanner with a maximum speed of 1,200 mm/s and the high-speed processing PC, enabling high-speed measurement equal to or higher than that of conventional models even in the constant waveform recording.

Larger water tank


  • A large water tank has been adopted while maintaining the external size of the conventional machine. The 300mm (12-inch) wafer can be measured all at once using the reflection/through transmission method.
  • The Equipment has a setup area that can remove bubbles on the back of the sample, which improves workability in the through transmission method of the JEDEC tray.

Operability and maintainability

Top: The 23-inch wide monitor
Bottom: The large curved monitor

  • Operability and maintainability are improved by installing electrical devices in the front lower part of the equipment.
  • Adopted with a 23-inch wide monitor as standard. Optional 23-inch twin monitors and large curved monitors are also supported.​
It also includes future development items.
Reference value


Probe frequency (MHz) 5~400
Effective stroke (X × Y × Z) (mm) 350 × 350 × 80
Maximum scanning speed (mm/s) 1,200 [Nominal value]
Maximum measurement counts (points) Standard: 400,000,000
GUIPC option: 2,000,000,000
External dimensions (W × H × D) (mm) 1,590 × 1,360 × 950 (with the door closed)
Mass (kg) Approx. 390
Power supply (voltage/current/frequency) AC100~240V/6.25~15A/60 Hz
For special specifications, please contact us.
  • An English version of the software is also available.

Dimensional diagram (standard specification)

(Unit: mm)