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This is an advanced model of the FineSAT renowned for its high resolution.
As an approach to higher resolution, raising the ultrasonic frequency used has been attempted conventionally. The use of higher frequency, on the one hand, causes the harmful effect that the attenuation in the propagating medium becomes greater and the S/N ratio drops. Therefore, the highest frequency for scanning applications was set around 300 MHz.
The ultrasonic waves with the 300 MHz frequency can only be used to recognize the line patterns with a width around 5 µm under optimum conditions, and may not be applicable to the inspection of microstructures of TSV and Cu pillar that are being applied to the latest LSI packages.
The model FineSAT HR has succeeded in enhancing the resolution by developing a new electronic circuit to exceed such a limit of ultrasonic inspection equipment.

Composition of product

Frequency of responding probe (MHz) 5–75 5–140 5–300