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Application fields

■ Research and development fields
Low-K film and stacked CSP
TSV, Cu pillar, fuel cell, etc.

■ Semiconductor packaging
Mold IC, WLP,

■ Electronic parts and ceramics
MLCC, chip capacitor
Filter, laminated structure

■ Resin / composite materials Image
Filler observation,
flow observation of injection molding

■ Power module
Automotive semiconductor, IGBT,
Cooling system (heat countermeasure)

■ Metal products and target materials
Brazed portions, deposited portions
Cracks, voids, deterioration

Sensors, SOI,
Bonded wafers

Examples of ultrasonic inspection

The following show the types of the applications and defects that can be inspected by the ultrasonic imaging apparatus FineSAT.

■ Examples of application to semiconductor packages (inspection of packages)

Example of the IC package cross section

  • Mold IC package (DIP) imaged by SAT
    SAT images the white peeling on the right side of the chip of the central portion and the large cracks around the chip.


  • Stacked IC package (chip 2-layer structure)
    The following examples of a chip 2-layer structure show the image of the chip top surface and the detected peeling of the die attached film between chips.


  • Void evaluation in underfill resin
    FineSAT is effective for evaluating the underfill peeling, voids, etc. of CSP.
    It allows you to observe the presence or absence of voids between bumps and peripheral parts.


■ Electronic parts and ceramics

The following examples show the detected cracks, peeling and voids between internal electrodes of chip parts.


The example shows a depth image when ultrasonic inspection was performed on a group of capacitors.
Defect position information can be obtained by coloring for each level of defect depth.


■ Resin / composite materials

  • Flow analysis of injection molding resin
    The following example of flow pattern observation shows pattern generation due to microbubble / resin density distribution etc.


  • Fracture analysis of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic)
    Delamination was observed for each layer as a part of fracture analysis in the steel ball drop test.


■ Inspection of the bonding state of metal material and plate material

The target material for the sputtering target is used for forming semiconductors, FPDs and electrodes of solar cells, etc. FineSAT is used to inspect the bonding state between the target material and the backing plate.
The apparatus compatible with the enlargement of the target material enables the inspection.


■ Inspection of the power module

FineSAT is applied to the in-line inspection of bonding portions of various parts including IGBT. Regardless of size, the white spots and areas within the gray frames represent all peeling off and voids.


■ Inspection of the bonded wafer for MEMS

The following example shows the image of the bonded surface of the bonded wafer used for MEMS.
Depending on the conditions, it is also possible to detect the unbonded portions with a diameter of 10 μm.


Examples of introduction to the production line

The electronic scanning system has high throughput that enables the total inspection of mass-produced products and is suitable for the in-line total inspection. Based on the electronic scanning system-inspection apparatus such as ES5100 series (standard model), we can also manufacture the automatic inspection apparatus by adding an automatic transportation function, an automatic judgment function, etc. according to the customer's product and production line.
We will select the appropriate technology from a wide range of our technologies and customize it, so please do not hesitate to consult us.

Semi-automatic inspection apparatus
Semi-automatic inspection apparatus

Fully automatic inspection apparatus
Fully automatic inspection apparatus

High-speed measurement technology by the electronic scanning system and image processing technology


The advanced image processing technology is incorporated into the high-speed display image technology by electronic scanning, and the acceptance or rejection (OK / NG) of the product is judged. Total inspection before shipment assists in assuring quality.
The figure on the left is an example of judging OK / NG in real time with the automatic GUI monitor.

Automatic inspection apparatus compatible with the JEDEC tray


This apparatus also makes it possible to inspect products on JEDEC trays and add a function to remove defective products from the production line after judging non-defective / defective products.
In addition, this apparatus makes it possible to grasp the occurrence tendency of defective products (NG products), the defective rate for each production lot, etc. by collecting and storing the measured data after bar-coding each product, which leads to a powerful tool for improving the yield rate.

Please feel free to contact us about various automation of the apparatus.

Electronic scanning system-fully automatic inspection apparatus for semiconductor package inspection