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Service Overview

Gas insulated switchgears (GIS) are part of T&D facilities. The most serious issue for GIS inside inspection is that we need long time power outage, when withdrawing SF6 gas from GIS tanks and restoring it after the inspection. Therefore, we propose X-ray diagnosis service that can check the soundness of GIS without any power outage and opening GIS tanks.

Issus:Are you concerned about the following?

Solutions:Inspection using X-ray and diagnostic imaging technologies to check the status inside the GIS


Inspection without power outage and opening the GIS tank

The X-ray diagnosis checks inside of circuit breaker such as the moving parts, the fixed parts, wear and tear of arcing contact,  fastening bolts and other components of GIS without power outage and without withdrawing SF6 gas. *

Prior surveys are needed depending on the installed location. As a result, X-ray inspection may not be performed for three-phase enclosed GIS due to phase to phase interference.

Use of Euphony Process Imaging technologies supporting accurate inspection

Images captured at the inspection are shade-corrected in a phased manner to collect clear and detailed data.

Cutting inspection time and cost

X-ray diagnosis can be performed without opening GIS tank, which means you do not need SF6 gas handling. It leads to cut inspection time and cost significantly.

Preventing serious accidents and human errors

You can detect loosened screws and inadequate insertion dimensions of the main contactor to prevent serious accidents quickly and easily. Furthermore, X-ray diagnosis does not require to work inside of tank. Therefore, you can prevent any kind of accidents and human errors concerning inspection job.

Examples of X-Ray Diagnosis

Insertion length (L1,L2) of conductor

Screw inside the breaker