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Services and Solutions for Transmission
and Distribution(T&D) Facilities

Currently in the energy field, energy trends are changing and diversifying, such as a shift to renewable energy that will achieve a decarbonized society, local consumption of locally produced energy, and increasing introduction of distributed power sources effective for business continuity plans (BCPs). Accordingly, it is indispensable to further construct and replace power grids. In addition, T&D facilities, which convert high voltage power transmitted from power plants through substations into voltage for practical use and distribute it to areas with power demand, are of growing significance. Any issues with the facilities playing these roles would not only make electricity unavailable to power distribution destinations, but send hospitals, public transport, plants, commercial facilities and others into suspension and could cause enormous damage to society. We have long been offering a wide variety of services for supporting safe, long-term operation of T&D facilities and the prevention of serious accidents. We will continue to maintain stable power supply through the development and provision of services and solutions for T&D facilities.