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Hitachi Power Solutions Co.,Ltd.

Company Name Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd.
Location Head Office
3-2-2, Saiwai-cho, Hitachi-shi, Ibaraki,317-0073 Japan
Tel: 0294-22-7111
Fax: 0294-55-9618
Established April 20, 1960
Representative Yoshito Ishii, President
Capital 4 billion yen
Net Sales 146.0 billion yen (fiscal 2016)
Number of Employees 4,208(as of March 2017)
Scope of Business
  • Designing, purchase, inspection, sales, installation and maintenance of electrical machinery and equipment, production machinery and equipment, commercial-use machinery and equipment, information and communication machinery and equipment, general-purpose machinery and equipment, metal and nonferrous metal products and electronic components, devices and circuits.
  • Operation, monitoring and maintenance of plant equipment, boilers, compressors, air conditioning equipment, sanitary equipment, production equipment, and other incidental equipment.
  • Maintenance of radioactive waste and reprocessing facilities.
  • Manufacturing and sales of water-supply equipment including water softeners.
  • Construction of the aforementioned units and buildings.
  • Supply of electric power, steam and hot water.
  • Investigation, measurement, analysis and evaluation of plant equipment, metals, nonmetals, gases, environment, environmental pollution, safety, hygiene, liquids, biochemistry, etc.
  • Manufacturing and sales of heat-resistant materials and other inorganic materials.
  • Purchase and sales of coating materials, lubricant agents and chemicals (including industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical products, quasi- pharmaceutical products, agricultural chemicals, poisonous substances and hazardous substances).
  • Manufacturing and sales of cleaning agents.
  • Creation, installation and sales of software related to the aforementioned units and electronic computers.
  • Engineering related to the aforementioned units.
  • Service work related to the aforementioned units.
  • Purchase, processing, recycling and sales of metals and other general waste.
  • Sales of petroleum products.
  • Leasing and management work of real estate.
  • Labor dispatch business.
  • All business related to and incidental to the aforementioned units.