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Promoting Wind Power Business with Multifaceted Support System Ensures Future Continuity of Commitment to Local Community



  • Support for getting a business up and running that encompasses not only planning, engineering, procurement, and construction, but also works alongside local companies from the preparatory stages of getting buy-in from the community.
  • Putting in place the steps needed to create a wind farm business by and for the local community, including assistance with regulatory and financing arrangements.
  • Support for human resource development at the service center training facility, including a long-term service agreement that offers the confidence of full support.

Project Outcomes

Establishing human resource development with local industry as well as track record of reliable electricity sales

While maintenance of the turbines, power plant, transmission lines, and other infrastructure is vital to the reliable long-term operation of a wind power business, this work requires a high level of skill. Ms. Seika Onuma of the Engineering Promotion Department explains how the maintenance capabilities of Hitachi Power Solutions have helped keep the wind farm running reliably to date.
“We can feel confident about maintenance because our contract covers long-term service agreement. The installation of remote monitoring systems enables routine monitoring not only from our headquarters in Noshiro, but also from the branch office in Akita. Even if a problem does occur, the arrangements are in place to ensure it is dealt with promptly.
We had an incident when lightning struck a power line. Although it was very concerning, we were able to overcome the problem together thanks to the comprehensive maintenance program and guidance from Hitachi Power Solutions.”
Meanwhile, the number of employees at the energy service division established by the company to handle maintenance when the wind power business was first launched has grown from three to more than ten.
As Mr. Ohmori said, “I want to train the staff who represent the future of the energy service division so that we will be able to continue taking on more wind power work. For example, we run a course in wind energy and offer field trips to the wind farm to get pupils from the local vocational high school and elsewhere interested in wind turbines and the wind power business, activities that lead to employment opportunities. We are also building up knowledge of wind turbine maintenance by regularly sending staff to Hitachi Power Solutions to jointly build up their experience.”

A power station that provides the future a favorable wind

The business has operated successfully not only by earning the trust of the community, but also through human resource development and the establishment of sound maintenance practices. Both the amount of electricity generated and the sales revenue earned have consistently exceeded budget since operation first commenced. Kazenomatsubara Wind Power Station is providing a favorable wind behind the future of Noshiro City and the global environment.

Ms. Seika Onuma Assistant Manager, Engineering Promotion Department OHMORI CORPORATION
Ms. Seika Onuma
Assistant Manager, Engineering Promotion Department

Wind power generation system with emergency supply capability

Wind power generation system with emergency supply capability

Future Plans

Use of storage batteries for emergency power and plans for geographically expansive wind power business

One technology that can expand the possibilities of wind power in the future is that of storage batteries. Having one of the largest lead-acid storage battery installations in Japan, Kazenomatsubara Wind Power Station has even received requests for visits from overseas.
Ms. Onuma expressed her desire to contribute to the community by explaining that, “The wind farm is equipped with systems that can operate autonomously, powered by the storage batteries and wind turbines even if the external power fails due to a disaster. For example, electricity can be provided to a disaster site free of charge provided transmission is available. It should be possible to establish the ability to continue supplying electricity as long as the wind in Noshiro keeps blowing. We hope to be of even more use to the community in the future by entering into an agreement with Noshiro City on disaster response.” (See above diagram of wind power generation system with emergency supply capability.)
OHMORI CORPORATION is also planning a further wind power development that will be approximately two-and-a-half times larger than Kazenomatsubara Wind Power Station.
“The project will span Noshiro City and the neighboring town of Happo,” explains Mr. Ohmori who is actively involved in coordinating the project. “Its capacity of 96,600kW compares to 39,100kW for Kazenomatsubara Wind Power Station. For those of us who were born and raised here, wind power represents a dynamic initiative for revitalizing the area. If this flows through to the local training of engineers and the passing on of the project to the next generation, it will go beyond being just a business and enter the realm of social development.”
Recognizing this sentiment, Hitachi Power Solutions intends to continue supporting the business through a partnership of trust built on people and technology.


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October 1, 1946
48 million yen
Business activities:
Civil engineering, turnkey construction projects, marine engineering, landscaping, slope construction, paving, and other construction-related work. Also the sale of wind-generated electric power.
48-1 Kitanishiyama Kawatogawa, Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture, 016-0171 Japan (Noshiro City headquarters)
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