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Driving Simulator for Driver Training
  • Increasing mine productivity and safety by improving operator’s skills.
  • Easy integration of mine-specific rules into operator training.
  • Efficient learning about correct operation specific to Hitachi rigid dump trucks.

Equipped with real vehicle parts


The console is equipped with real vehicle parts to realize real-world operability.

Equipped with a rear console


In the system, a basic driver training function and a vehicle troubleshooting training function are equipped as standard.

Vehicle status display function


A liquid-crystal display is used to indicate the vehicle’s status.

Geographical CG based on point cloud data


Standard geographical point cloud data actually measured in the field is customized to convert the geographical features of a specific mine into a CG image.

Three, 40-inch large displays

Three large displays are used to display the CG image of the front and both sides to provide realistic images.


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