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Scanning Acoustic Tomograph FineSAT

Scanning acoustic tomograph / inspection equipment searches for and images micro defects inside products created with advanced technologies such as semiconductors and electronic components, by using ultrasonic waves in a nondestructive manner.

The Hitachi Power Solutions scanning acoustic tomograph / inspection equipment has succeeded in imaging micro defects of products that have not been clearly visible with the prior ultrasonic inspection. Please check the capability with your own eyes.

A lineup of standard machines is available to suit customers' different applications and inspection objectives. Please consult us to enable automation, speed up, and special applications. We can provide solutions to match your need.

Scanning acoustic tomograph / inspection equipment - Product lineup


The latest model with a maximum scanning speed of 2,000 mm/s and dramatically increased measurement data points.

High resolution High-speed measurement High-speed measurement


FineSAT is equipment that enables high resolution and speed-up; it works only with a single-probe and fulfills the basic functions.

High resolution High-speed measurement

FineSAT   HR FineSAT   HR

This high-grade model of FineSAT has higher resolution while retaining the other original functions.

High resolution High-speed measurement MOST FINE

FineSAT   Hybrid FineSAT   Hybrid

FineSAT Hybrid can provide both high-resolution single probe scanning and high-speed image-displaying electronic scanning in one unit.

High resolution High-speed measurement MOST FAST

ES5100 ES5100

This high throughput equipment can display real-time images using the electronic scanning system.

High-speed measurement Examination for large quantities MOST FAST


This equipment can inspect a large device-under-test that the FineSAT and ES5100 series equipment cannot handle.

Large-scale analyte Examination for large quantities

FS   LINE   Hybrid FS   LINE   Hybrid

This FS LINE equipment can provide high throughput.

Large-scale analyte Examination for large quantities High-speed measurement


These are wafer-exclusive models that handle both single probe scanning and electronic scanning, and can also be used in a clean room.

A wafer is for exclusive use High-speed measurement Clean room is available

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